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SUPERFANS with Staley & Stoner

May 6, 2022

Episode 124 is here, and the fellas are all fired up to get after all things NFL DRAFT 2022 Recap while celebrating Cinco De Mayo and showing off their wicked Espanol skills! Kicking things off with who stole the draft, who had the most hits, and who had the most / worst misses! (believe it or not it might just be those damn Patriots, LOL!) A breakdown on all the trades, and who got the best deal between the biggest one between the Titans and the Eagles. Then the guys put a bow on Draft talk and give their draft grades for their squads, of course, and just how happy are they with their Lions and Steelers picks. And then the boys wrap the show with a little NBA banter, and with only four remaining series, who they like to advance to the Western/ Eastern Conference Finals! Enjoy :)